Technology has verbatim changed business towards a Human-to-Human marketing model (Human-centric technology).

Artificial intelligence

Marketers embrace technology to get closer to their audience, know their myriad habits, and gravitate to patchwork of online solutions that gives consumer simple and, good experience and shorten their purchase process, especially that potential customers have short attention spans.

The human-to-human model had found when the machine has learned the artificial intelligent and achieve human work and conversation efficiency and effectively in a particular time to reach both business and people’s goals.

Chat-bot Originally is a dialogue system that could have purposeful interaction with a human through…

Rank your social media accounts on top of search engines results page

SEO neon rocket credit to iStock

Social media and online presence in our personal & corporate levels. Imagine you are planning for a special dinner, and you want to reserve a table in a dine-in restaurant suggested by a friend. As a person living in 2020, you’ll try to search the restaurant’s Instagram account or Facebook page, check the website, or find the food menu, staff, atmosphere reviews, and ranking, but all that you found is the restaurant contact number! Give it a try…

Trust me, you will automatically avoid that restaurant, unless you…

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